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lebanese-nuns-dont-skiSo what would you do if your wife ran off with a hairy truck driver?

A drunken moment of clarity sent the author out of his local pub in Oxfordshire down to the M40 motorway, armed with little more than a daypack and a fluorescent orange cardboard sign 'South Africa', in a half-baked attempt to put distance and perspective to his pain.

What started out as self-indulgent escapism quickly turned into an educational journey of other people's suffering and loss, which helped put personal events into context. From visiting the prisons of Rwanda, gun battles in the West Bank, being held at gunpoint in Kosovo and playing Stalin's piano in Georgia, to causing a bomb scare in Jerusalem, surviving a plane crash in Eritrea, a hospital visit in Somalia and a friendly rat while camping in Madagascar, this nine month trip from local pub near Oxford to local pub near Oxford via the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Africa brings to life the lives, loves and losses of the people and places encountered.

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Whether you are looking for a Carpe Diem Full Moon party or a dormouse festival, the information is in this book. Practical tips on how to get to and around Hvar, checking the sea temperature on its beaches, and where to eat, drink and sleep are covered.

A large section on activities on Hvar will offer something for everyone. Adventure enthusiasts can choose from sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, rock climbing and cycling, while more sedate past times such as wine tours, yoga, walking and painting classes for children are detailed.

The history and traditions of this wonderful island are covered in depth, while there is also a practical sections on visas, health and where to do your laundry. The food and drink chapter introduces some of the gastronomic treats indigenous to the region, as also recommends 5 restaurants each by the water and inland.

Finally there is a small section about the author, telling the tale of how he came from Hell to Paradise - literally, from Somalia to Hvar.

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Co-authored with Mila Hvilshøj.
The first comprehensive guidebook for Split. An insider's guide on where to eat, drink and party, what to see, how to get there, and a range of activities, day trips and practical info.
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As the sun-filled, celebrity-drenched premier island of Croatia, Hvar needs no introduction, but what is it like to live there as a foreigner? All year? For ten years? Swapping the Manchester rain of birth via the humanitarian aid world of Somalia, a chance finger-pointing exercise in Sarajevo brings the well-travelled author to a life of Hvar domesticity much different to the tourist brochures. A culture of moving vegetables, where the olive conversation is king, and the finest wines and rakijas are served in the most plastic of bottles, and whose most popular festival celebrates the edible dormouse.

Written with love, admiration, warmth and humour, Lavender, Dormice and a Donkey Named Mercedes is one Englishman's portrayal of a totally different life on a tourist island on the Adriatic, where the property mafia are not that scary, the rakija and wild boar unavoidable, and whose nature seeps into the skin of even the most hardened city boy.


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A History of Hajduk Split

Co-authored with Frane Grgurevic.

The first comprehensive history of Hajduk Split, including exclusive interviews with some of the legends of this icon of Dalmatia.  


Around the World in 80 Disasters
Prior to settling in Jelsa, I was fortunate to have travelled the world. Not everything went according to plan. Table of contents here